Dr Robin Gaster

Dr. Robin Gaster

IEI is a small company focused on evaluating and assessing innovation and developing policy for companies, nonprofits, regions, and national governments.

Clients include major US institutions like as the National Research Council (National Academies of Science and Engineering) and the National Institute of Standards and technology (NIST), and thinktanks such as the Brookings Institution, the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, and the Education Development Center. International clients include TEKES (Finland), VINNOVA (Sweden), KACST (Saudi Arabia), and the European Commission.

Among the many information related projects completed by IEI are the Convergence project in partnership with Deloitte and Touche, and the Regional Innovation Index, a tool funded by NIST for assessing and evaluating the innovation capacity of regions.

Currently, IEI is managing the CORES project, which uses administrative data provided by Census to analyze outcomes from innovation programs such as SBIR. Preliminary results will be delivered in Spring 2018.

IEI currently partners with Grunwald Associates and with Dr.Andrew Reamer.

IEI is directed by Dr.  Robin Gaster. A full biography  is available at LinkedIn